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About Us

DE ANGELIS VIAGGI started  in 1996 and is the result of the vision of a trio. A vision of incoming tourism to Italy, which no others would offer. This ownership consist in Alessandro De Angelis, Jeanett De Angelis and Pernille Krøigaard, whom are both Danish.

The proof of this is 18 years of successful existing and thousands of well organized events – could anyone wish for a better guaranty!!

Our office is in the middle of Italy, in Rome “Caput Mundi” (center of the world), one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. From here we reach all our wonderful destinations, and keep our finger on the pulse, not just in the capital. Our working day often starts in Rome and ends in Milan or Catania!

We are a dream-team of nice Italian and Scandinavian colleagues.

A group of enthusiastic travel agents, whom through solid experience and priceless knowledge of the country, are your perfect partner for any event.

DE ANGELIS VIAGGI is small enough to take care of ALL details and BIG enough to help you everywhere in Italy!