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Sightseeing, City Tours, Excursions

We have a great selection of sightseeing, activities and excursions in all corners of Italy. From experiences in trendy Milan, for tours inside  Rome’s fascinating historic center and vicinity, to  wonderful cities like Florence and Venice where it feels like time have stood still.

Everywhere we work with native guides who puts soul and love in communicating “their” Italy, so it also becomes yours!

Activities of all kinds – from biking, hiking, skiing, racing racetrack to culinary activities such as cooking school where enthusiastic chefs teach the secrets of one of the world’s best cuisines, such as preparing pasta, pizza, ice cream and much more!

Chauffeur for a day – behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Vintage cars like the Fiat 500 and the Alfa Duetto. Be a “real” Italian for a day and experience the city from a scooter –  on the legendary VESPA – with or without driver !

Gala venues ranging from historic villas, mansions, vineyards to museums and monuments that can be rented for your event! Our selection and creative solutions, offers you a unique opportunity to any gala dinner or party.

Wine tasting – Italy is the world’s largest wine-producing country. Here grapes are stomped from north to south and give wonderful wines, from the sparkling Prosecco from Treviso to Piedmont’s superb Barolo and Tuscany’s beloved Chianti. But also the more “unknown” regions offers “gems” that are just waiting to be tasted! We have a network of sommeliers and wine-lovers who loves to share their knowledge and love of the good wines and their history.

Transfers – take your pick of transport in all from vintage cars and horse carriage to private boat – depending on the purpose  and destination . Furthermore, professional drivers provide the traditional transport, ranging from minivans to large limousines and modern buses.

DE ANGELIS VIAGGI is small enough to take care of ALL details and BIG enough to help you everywhere in Italy!